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Matchday Draw Winner and Catch the Cat for the Rollover Jackpot

1 Select your card for the rollover jackpot.
2 Buy tickets for the matchday draw.
3 If you are the matchday draw winner, your card is revealed. If you have the Black Cat you win the rollover jackpot too!

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Choose your card for the rollover jackpot

Purchase your tickets to the matchday draw

The winner of the matchday draw will also have their card revealed

If the matchday draw winner has chosen the Black Cat, they win the rollover jackpot!

If they did not select the Black Cat, the rollover jackpot continues for at least another week

Check back each matchday draw to see how the rollover jackpot has grown and enter again!

Supporting these Charitable Beneficiaries

Ha'way and Play your part in tackling some of the North East's biggest challenges. Your money will make a life-changing difference to thousands of people and families across Sunderland, South Tyneside and County Durham.

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Check Past Results

EURO 2020 Final Draw 11.07.21

JACKPOT Prize: B-2263988

Signed Jordan Pickford print: A-2678023

Card Drawn 7 - Jackpot Winner!

Lincoln Play Off Draw 22.05.21

£1,000 Prize: A-2258489

Signed Lynden Gooch print: A-2295568

Card Drawn 4 - No Jackpot Winner

Northampton Draw 09.05.21

£1,000 Prize: B-1196460

Signed Bailey Wright Shirt: A-2109631

Card Drawn 3 - No Jackpot Winner

Blackpool Draw 27.04.21

£1,000 Prize: A-1646145

Signed Lynden Gooch Print: C-1423185

Card Drawn 1 - No Jackpot Winner

Accrington Draw 24.04.21

£1000 Prize: A-2156145

Signed Niall Quinn print: A-1808427

Card Drawn 6 - No Jackpot Winner

Charlton Draw 10.04.21

£1000 Prize: B-1472481

Signed Signed Lynden Gooch print: A-2965150

Card Drawn 5 - No Jackpot Winner

Oxford Utd Draw 02.04.21

£1000 Prize: A-2743977

Signed Wembley Programme: C-1569002

Card Drawn 8 - No Jackpot Winner

Lincoln Draw 20.03.21

£1000 Prize: A-2087858

Signed Wembley Programme: A-1869319

Card Drawn 2 - No Jackpot Winner

Tranmere Draw 14.03.21

£1000 + £5000 Prize: C-3224633

Wembley prize bundle: B-5579173

Card Drawn 15 - JACKPOT WINNER!

Rochdale Draw 06.03.21

£1000 Prize: C2916635

Beacon of Light football session: C-7974924

Card Drawn 5

Swindon Draw 02.03.21

£1000 Prize: C-9804142

Beacon of Light coaching session: C-6874412

Card Drawn 16

Fleetwood Draw 23.02.21

£1000 Prize: C-2980447

Signed Bailey Wright Shirt: C-4716433

Card Drawn #18

Doncaster Draw 13.02.21

£1000 Prize: B-1554690

Tom Flanagan Boots: C-1919263

Card Drawn #9

Gillingham Draw 30.01.21

£1000 Prize: B-8090366

SAFC Streaming Pass: C-4106151

Card Drawn #17

Shrewsbury Draw 23.01.21

£1000 Prize: A-6388131

Signed Bailey Wright Boots: B-5792649

Card Drawn #10

Plymouth Draw 19.01.21

£1000 Prize: C-1938538

SAFC Streaming Pass: A-5562034

Card Drawn #12

Port Vale Draw 12.01.21

£1000 Prize: A-2436839

Signed SAFC Boots: C-7686610

Card Drawn #2

Hull City Draw 09.01.21

£1000 Prize: C-9823867

Signed Lee Burge Gloves: B-9866586

Card Drawn #8

Wimbledon 15.12.20

£1000 Prize: C-3588043

Runner Up Prize: A-6312238

Card Drawn #7

Wigan 05.12.20

£1000 Prize: B-7350800

Seaham Hall Spa Day: B-4236042

Card Drawn #1

Burton 01.12.20

£1000 Prize: C-1425585

Training Session: B-8156768

Card Drawn #3

MK Dons 14.11.20

£1000 Prize: C-1247182

Ramside Spa Day: C-9390532

Card Drawn #13

Mansfield Town 07.11.20

£1000 Prize: C-8517996

£300 Nike Running Gear: C-3163937

Card Drawn #6

Ipswich Town 03.11.20

£1000 Prize: C-2099792

Overnight stay at Seaham Hall: C-7714224

Card Drawn #4

Portsmouth 24.10.20

£1000 Prize: B-2309708

SAFSee Season Pass: C-6290869

Card Drawn #11